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Project Ebenezer

£ 250000

Campaign Target


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An appeal for financial support to Rebuild – Renovate – Restore:

Holding Forth Christian Centre

Holding Forth the Word Ministry [HFWM] is a Christian organisation based in Milton Keynes, UK. Since 2002, the Ministry has committed itself to serving the community through several initiatives, events, and many project commitments. These include establishment of local Christian congregational church groups, a thriving supplementary school, a highly anticipated yearly [multi-cultural and entertainment] variety weekend event in August, a Leadership and Management vehicle for nurturing leaders and upskilling professionals, a community cohesion platform as well as several Life & Economic Empowerment signposting opportunities through conferences and seminars.

In May 2007, HFWM by mortgage, acquired the building which currently serves as its operational base. We are proud to have assumed responsibility as custodians of one of the major landmarks in the city of Milton Keynes the structure itself having been erected and in use since AD 1936!

Over many decades, what is today known as Holding Forth Christian Centre [HFCC] has been home to several groups and organisations. More recently however, the building serves as a symbol of Afro-centric capability and resourcefulness and as a focus point of inspiration for BAME groups who would otherwise have been confined to the margins of society.

87 years on, the building is still in good condition and achieving its good purposes within the community. However, at the height of the pandemic in June 2020, a section of the building suffered a roof collapse and the [minor] hall therein affected was brought down completely for safety reasons.

Three eventful but difficult post-pandemic years since the collapse of this section, the Trustees, and members of HFWM have decided it is time to rebuild, renovate and altogether restore the facility back to its prideful place as an important landmark and a valuable resource centre in the historic community of New Bradwell [Buckinghamshire]. It is to this rebuild, renovate, and restore initiative that we would like to invite your kind assistance especially in terms of fundraising support.

The Ebenezer Project – “Stone of Help” as we have chosen to call this task, is estimated to require a total sum of £600,000.00 to complete. Of this amount we have a cash commitment/confirmed promissory note(s) to date of £350,000. And we are hopeful to raise the balance of £250,000 as we progress on the project (before 31st March 2024).

Architectural Model of HFCC Rebuilding


To achieve this fundraising target amount we would hope to raise:

  1. £25,000 donation from current HFWM Members
  2. £25,000 donation from affiliated members and ministry friends worldwide
  3. £50,000 in tranches of repayable “interest-free” personal loans from well wishers
  4. £150,000 in Grants from grant awarding organisations and groups.

We need your help. Please offer your kind assistance to our cause and support our aspiration to make HFCC and all that it represents a legacy of hope we can bequeath to future generations. The next generation of BAME people must be able to stand on our own shoulders to reach even further! Let us build a legacy of confidence in what God can do for those who would trust in him completely.

Make your financial donations to:

  United Kingdom Nigeria
Account Name HFWM – Building Fund Holding Forth Mercy Ministry
Bank NatWest ECOBANK
Account No. 60566256 3772033985
Sort Code 60 – 14 – 55 -NA-
Ref. “Your Name/Ebenezer Project 2023” “Your Name/Ebenezer Project 2023”
International Transfer IBAN: GB56 NWBK 6014 5560 566256


I would like to thank you for enabling us to fulfil the God given mandate we have of Teaching and Demonstrating Bible Truth and Relevance [still] For Today – in Word and Deed!


Sincerely Yours,


Revd. Olabiyi Ajala MSc, MTh.

Pastor: Holding Forth the Word Ministry.