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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the service times?

Sunday Worship Service (09:45 – 12noon)

Friday Prayer Meeting (21:00 – 23:45)

How do I become an e-Member?

Just log on to our website and feel free to watch our stream service live during service time. You can also signup for our bi-weekly Newsletter.

How do I become a member?

Just feel free to walk in during any of our meeting times

How can I find out more about the different ministries offered at Holding Forth?

Feel free to walk to any head of department to discuss your options. For additional questions, contact the church office.

Is there a Children Unit?


Is there a place for parking?

Yes. There is large parking place in the church premise.  Feel  free to bring your family in your car.

Who will take care of my kids during the worship service?

There is a vibrant Sunday School church for your children from 2 up to the age of 13 years.

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