10 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the
knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

I look at fearing God like a young child would look at a good
father: He is not going to harm me — but He won't permanently
let me get away with anything, either.

While God's wisdom may cause Him to not always immediately
respond to our wrong-doing, we can be sure that eventually God
will deal with us.

We can be confident that we do not have to be afraid of God
because He has revealed His nature to us through the Lord Jesus
Christ. Yet, God is all-knowing and powerful beyond our
imagination, so we should not think we can rebel against God
and get away with it, either.

13 Do not fear anything except the LORD Almighty. He alone is
the Holy One. If you fear him, you need fear nothing else.

God has never been wrong, and you won't succeed at being the
first to outsmart Him. God's way is perfect, so when we scorn
God's wisdom and go another way, we are destined to fail. We
should be afraid of that!

Think of fearing God as respect, but extreme respect of the
most powerful Being, and you will have the meaning.

We need not be afraid of God, for He will not harm us. But if
we are wise, we will be afraid of going any way but God's way,
because it will not work.

SAY THIS: To fear God means to highly respect Him, not to be
afraid that He will harm us.

Source: Devotion

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