MARK 16:17 NLT
17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe:
They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in
new languages.

Jesus has made available for every believer a supernatural way
to pray.

It is normally referred to as "speaking in tongues" because
tongues is the old English word that was used for languages. It
is simply a Christian believer speaking normally, in full
control, but speaking in a fluent language unknown to them.

You might wonder how that could be possible. Without God, it
would not be possible!

It works this way. The Holy Spirit dwelling in you will give
words to your spirit (which is the real you, the inner person),
and your spirit will speak those words, bypassing your mind

14 For if I pray in tongues, my spirit is praying, but I don't
understand what I am saying.

Your mind will not formulate the words, or decide what to
speak. Yet you will always remain in full control, just as when
speaking in your native language. You can start and stop at
will. You will never be forced by the Holy Spirit to speak.

15 Well then, what shall I do? I will pray in the spirit, and I
will also pray in words I understand.

Note that praying in the spirit (which, from the context,
obviously means praying in tongues), is subject to your will in
the same way as praying with your understanding in your native

The Holy Spirit does not speak in tongues for you. You will
have to speak the words given to your spirit by the Holy
Spirit. Speaking in tongues is your spirit speaking in a
language you never learned, as the Holy Spirit inside you gives
you the words to speak.

The words do not come through your mind, but directly from your
spirit out of your mouth.

Because your mind is not directing this kind of prayer, there
is no question whether it will be answered, for it will be a
perfect prayer, free from all doubt, unbelief, and fear.

This wonderful gift allows us to pray for things we would not
otherwise know about or know how to pray for. Our knowledge and
understanding have limits, but the Holy Spirit knows
everything, even the future, and will guide us in prayer
accordingly. This way every one of us can pray perfectly.

This gift is freely available for everyone who believes in
Jesus Christ. It is not something you have to earn or achieve.
But like every gift of God it must be actively received by
faith. For God never forces His gifts on anyone!

If you have questions about this, but want to know the truth,
ask the Lord. Don't ask someone to explain it who does not
practice it, and therefore does not really understand it. Don't
let anyone use human reasoning to talk you out of this
marvelous, miraculous gift from your loving Father God.

You can understand why the devil would not want any believer to
pray in tongues because it is a way to pray perfectly. Every
perfect prayer is always answered and that answer always sets
back the devil's program.

So we need to emulate Paul who spoke in tongues more than all
the believers in Corinth.

18 I thank God that I speak in tongues more than any of you.

Just as you cannot pray "too much" in your native language, you
also cannot pray too much in your spiritual language. For that
is what it is, a language selected by the Spirit.

When you first start praying in tongues it may seem difficult
and you may not be very fluent. Don't worry! You didn't start
out speaking your native language fluently, either. As you
continue it will get easier and you will grow more comfortable
doing it. Just boldly continue speaking in faith and you will
become more fluent.

Like doing anything new, it can seem awkward at first, but once
you start it, it is so easy and natural.

Experts tell us there are more than 5,000 different languages
used on earth. No one knows them all. So don't hold back and
hesitate if your supernatural praying does not always sound
like a great language to you. After all, you are probably not
an expert on languages. And remember that you are not speaking
to yourself, but to God, so it doesn't really matter how it
sounds to you.

Just speak out boldly in faith whatever sounds the spirit gives
you and as you continue to do that, it will become very clear
to you that this is not something you could do on your own.

It is supernatural! It is real! It is a gift that has already
been given to you. All you have to do is receive it. And you
can do that right now, wherever you are.

SAY THIS: I am a believer so I can pray supernaturally in
languages I have never learned. Jesus said I could — so I

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