3 But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases.

6 Whatever the Lord pleases He does, In heaven and in earth, In
the seas and in all deep places.

In order to understand the sovereignty of God, we need to know
what sovereignty means. Sovereign means one who exercises
supreme authority, and has freedom from external control. One
who is sovereign is above everything and can do as they please.

In the beginning there was only God. He was sovereign and could
do as He pleased. He could have done, or said, anything. He
could have created man or not created man. No one could, or
did, force Him to say, or do, anything. Whatever He said and
did — He chose to say and do.

Because God was never forced to say anything, He never said
anything that was not His will. So anything God did not desire
to happen, was simply never spoken by Him.

Unlike us, God does not grow in knowledge and wisdom. Today we
may wish we had made a different decision yesterday because we
have gained new knowledge. But this never happens with God. He
already knows everything. So whatever He has spoken, He will
never have any reason to change His mind about.

So in the beginning there was a sovereign God. Then He began to
say things. No one forced God to say anything. By His own
choice He freely gave His Word. After He had spoken He was no
longer free to do just anything. Because unless He acted in
line with His Word He would become a liar. He could still do
anything He pleased, but if it was not in agreement with what
He had already said, then He would become a liar — which is
against His very nature.

For example, after the flood in Genesis 7 God promised never to
destroy the earth with another world-wide flood. What if He
did? God would then become a liar because He already said He
would never do that again.

If God ever told one lie He would come under the dominion of
the father of liars, the devil (John 8:44). So, God always
obeys His own Word (not because He is forced to, but because it
is still His will.)

God was sovereign and He did as He pleased. The Bible lets us
know the choices He made, so we can know God's will. He gave it
to us so we would have a strong foundation. So we can know
where we stand — and stand up like men and women of God
against the devil — which makes our Father happy.

SAY THIS: God is sovereign, but He will never be a liar, so I
know He will keep His Word.

Source: Devotion

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