8 And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.

The word translated "content" here does not mean to accept and
be satisfied with lack, and give up on any effort to improve
our situation. It means "to be strong enough and have enough to
help others."

If all we have is food and clothing we should not see ourselves
as poor, for God is our Father and source of supply. We have
His promise to take care of us. That gives us the sufficiency
to look outward and help others.

We should be thankful if all we have is food and clothing. But
we should not be lazy and accept lack as being God's ideal

We cannot be satisfied when others still have unmet needs. Yet
to truly help others as we should, we must have more than we
need. So accepting poverty is a selfish act, not a loving act.

It is wrong to love money. But it is not wrong to have money.
The more money we have, the more people we can help.

If being wealthy is evil, then God would be the most evil one
of all.

SAY THIS: Because of my union with Christ, I always have enough
to help others.

Source: Devotion

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